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DREAM--Exploring the Impact of Distributed Renewable Energy for Agriculture Modalities with Veritas Consulting and GEAPP-- Jan 26, 2024

Updated: Jun 21

DreamVeritas Consulting, with the support of the The Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet (GEAPP), recently concluded its validation of the first group of scale-up sites for the Distributed Renewable Energy for Agriculture Modalities initiative. On Friday January 26, Veritas held a conference at the Hyatt Regency to present the high-level findings.

In this process, Veritas Consulting visited 250 sites, validated 150 sites which are now aggregated to 79 sites. The aggregated sites collectively irrigate approximately 10,000 hectares of ACC horticultural land using diesel pumps. We estimate (based on multiples metrics from the pilot sites) the transition from diesel to clean energy will displace about 24 million liters of annual diesel usage. This translates into annual foreign exchange saving, estimated at around 35 million USD, coupled with a direct carbon offset of 66,000 tons of CO2. Moreover, the scale-up sites will provide electricity to around 28,000 households and 135,000 people. 

This comes a long way from Veritas’ initial assessment of these sites 2019/20.


We extend our appreciation to the Ministry of Water and Energy (MoWE), Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), and the Regional Bureaus of Agriculture for the invaluable support in facilitating access to the sites. 

We would like to further thank all the presenters at the conference from MoWE, Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Institute (ATI), GEAPP,The James E. Rogers Energy Access Project at DukeSNVRenewvia EnergyRVE.SOL S.A., Keller-Bliesner Engineering (KB), @Beta Engineering, ACME Engineering, and Ato. Mogess Chemere.

Key partners of DREAM include GEAPP, AfDB-SEFA, Government of Ethiopia constituted under the DREAM Steering Committee, Veritas Consulting, SNV, and Keller-Bliesner.



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